Front Row Faith by Tracee J. Swank

When your experience exceeds your expectation…share it!

Front Row Faith by Tracee J. Swank - When your experience exceeds your expectation…share it!

Transform how you make decisions with this approach from Andy Stanley

Early on in my career I took several personality assessments. These assessments are designed to help you gain an understanding about who you are and how you may work together and fit into a team. These assessments provide insights into some personal characteristics. I learned a lot about myself and about different qualities and traits that made up my personality. One thing I learned was that while I was very intuitive, it took me a while to make decisions. This is a common trait with people who have similar qualities and are more creative type thinkers. We like to explore options, research, and discover before settling on a decision.

Being careful and gathering information isn’t bad but sometimes we can let other things get into the way of our decision making. In his book, The Best Question Ever,  Andy Stanley offers up key strategic and core value questions to help lead others to better decision making. Stanley offers up a key question and variations of that question to help deal with challenging circumstances where good decision making is vital.

The Best Question Ever  will help you discover and transform your worldview about values and priorities as it relates to family, career, finances, and those times when you encounter situations where you just don’t know what to do next. By applying Stanley’s question formula and principles you can discover that while challenges and circumstances may be challenging, stressful, and hard for you to see potential resolutions to, there is actually a simple question to help you determine the next best course of action.

Andy Stanley offers up a core question that can become a symbol of effective decision making in your life. This question can be applied directly to decisions that need to be made relating to time, money, and morality. Stanley also offers value teaching on how to best follow up and see through the decision making process. Throughout the book are solid examples and experiences Stanley shares from his experience as a pastor and ministry leader. To read more from the book, check out the first chapter.

As I work with those who are challenged in making decisions or perhaps are trying to rebuild their life from poor decision making I believe Andy Stanley’s work here will be helpful to anyone who desires to make better decisions and have a clearer sense of wisdom and confidence in decision making for their lives. Stanley’s book is easy to read and well put together touching on the key areas of our lives that need special attention when making critical life transforming decisions.

Check out The Best Question Ever.  If you desire to learn more about a more practical approach to decision making or work with others who do, this can be a very helpful resource for you.


“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.”

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