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When your experience exceeds your expectation…share it!

Front Row Faith by Tracee J. Swank - When your experience exceeds your expectation…share it!

One Big Thing by Phil Cooke

As a coach focused on helping others be the best God has called, gifted, and created them to be many of my clients wonder out loud in our sessions, “Is this what I’m really supposed to do with my life?”

Phil Cooke in his latest book, One Big Thing:Discovering What You Were Born to  Do, jumps right in to helping you understand first the right, best questions to ask, and then addresses how to go about pursuing your purpose in life.

Cooke helps you process that it’s okay to feel the way you’re feeling and helps you understand it’s not about your current place in life, your current job, your current level of income, family situation, etc. And it’s really not about what happened in your past, although he does say there are many things you must find and face the truth about your current and past situations.

Many people as Cooke suggests are on a similar path of finding their purpose, their one big thing, and many take the long way on that path to discovery. Few discover their one big thing early in life. Cooke also shares the journey is not an easy one to travel.

What I appreciated most about this book was the approach Cooke took to not just tell people the important questions but shares with us as readers his own personal adventures in finding those answers to questions for himself. The books is filled with just the right amount of pointed, powerful questions and statements as well as personal stories that help you understand Cooke’s personal journey to discover his own, “one big thing.”

I also give credit to Cooke for not just making this a standard self-help book about personal growth and development theories but he details the realities of what it means to be passionate and eager, yet credible and convincing.

Particularly important for leaders he shares how essential casting a clear vision truly is, the importance of understanding you values and priorities and how, for leaders particularly, sharing stories can shape and advance your purpose.

This is not your feel good self-help book, it’s filled with real life stories, quotes, and hard questions to really challenge you and make you think about what it is you are really called to do in life. This book, I believe, is key for people to start to answer that powerful question: “What am I supposed to do with my life?”

You can learn more about Phil Cooke and his work on Facebook. 

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