Front Row Faith by Tracee J. Swank

When your experience exceeds your expectation…share it!

Front Row Faith by Tracee J. Swank - When your experience exceeds your expectation…share it!

A rocket scientist shares her story of divorce and the lessons learned along the way

Disclaimer – Before anyone thinks the worst I didn’t read this book or write this review because I am married to a [______]. I am not getting a divorce, so please no direct messages asking me if there is some thing happening that isn’t! (mom)

Divorcing A [ _______ ], was written by a friend and fellow entrepreneur, Angie Weid. I purchased a copy from the Kindle store because… I really wanted to read Angie’s story. I have known Angie for a few years and knew a little about what she and her family have been through related to her divorce. I also know Angie as a skilled and talented entrepreneur, business owner, and rocket scientist. Yes, she is a rocket scientist!

But it doesn’t take rocket scientist to figure out this book is much more about seeking and finding yourself in the midst of turmoil and challenging life situations. Yes, Angie shares her story of her divorce. This is the foundation to the book, but the story behind the story are the life lessons Angie shares throughout the book.

Angie shares in graphic detail, and language, the reality of coping with a life changing experience. You’ll feel like you’re standing right there next to her in the driveway and sitting beside her as she takes [________]’s shiny Corvette for a high-speed spin down a muddy country road.

Angie outlines the different lessons she learned along the way in divorcing a [____________]. She skillfully takes you through how to pick your battles and decide which mountains you want to climb or are willing to (almost) die for.

These lessons don’t just apply to those getting divorced, overall, this is a story about how to use difficult situations to find purpose and meaning and enjoy the adventures that are waiting for you right around the corner.

Read this book. You’ll get to know Angie as a rocket scientist and mom and you’ll discover how to learn valuable lessons along the way.



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